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Making the most of “Down Time”

May 13, 2020 8:49:28 AM / by GHR RevCycle Workforce

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Yes, a lot of us are finding some extra time on our hands. Even if you’re working busy schedules, you’re still spending more time at home than usual. Well, here is proof positive that our alone time does not have to be time wasted. 

Check out how Wisconsin-based rapper, Wes Tank, has invested his time to rap surprisingly perfect mashups of classic Dr. Seuss children’s books to Dr. Dre beats. Whether you love rap or hate it, you can’t help but enjoy these creative interpretations! 

A project he’d been meaning to get around to for ages, became a reality because of sheltering in place. Once again proving that good things can come from crazy times.  

Check out these masterpieces: 

  • The Cat in the Hat 
    An all-time Dr. Seuss favorite, this should honesty be dubbed the shelter-in-place official theme song. It’s all about being stuck at home and finding ways to entertain yourself.  
  • Green Eggs and Ham 
    Another childhood favorite, now with a serious beat and spot on delivery.   
  • Fox in Sox 
    Seriously, simply reading this book would be a challenge to most people, much less trying to rap this Mr. Knox and Mr. Fox tongue twister! Amazing.  
  • The Lorax 
    You’ve never heard the mustached Lorax speak for the trees like this before. 
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish 
    It’s true, funny things are everywhere. From strange fish and birds to Yings and Zans…all with a great beat and fast pace.
  • Hop on Pop 
    Another classic book. Another classic rap. Enjoy. 

So check him out, his name is Wes. He’s putting rap to the test. It’s something new, for you to do. We think they’re swell. Please, stay well. 

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